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    BTM Shingle has an outstanding place amongst the other roof covering materials. In order to learn the distinctive characteristics of BTM Shingle and to make full use of its quality, let’s explore it…

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    BTM Shingle

    BTM güvencesiyle, kaliteli, şık ve uzun ömürlü çatılar hayal değil...

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    BTM Shingle

    Geleneksel çatı kaplamalarına göre daha hafif, daha çok model ve renk çeşitliliğine sahip shingle ile çatılar bambaşka görünümler kazanıyor.

Why BTM Shingle?

In our country, generally rigid and fragile materials are used as roofing materials. However, the problems caused by these materials are widely known amongst the society. Asphalt roof tile, “shingle”, does not cause any of these problems. Thanks to its lightness, the weight that the building carries lowers and the earthquake safety increases. On the other hand, thanks to its infrangibility, it continues to protect your roof and house as long as the building’s lifetime. It can easily be installed in every climatic condition. Here you can find only a several of the tens of reasons showing why BTM Shingle is the most preferable roofing material all over the world:

Striking Appearance Permanent Beauty

Shingle roofing has led to an artistic revolution in the world of roofing. The visual richness created by the 3D effect of depth, different colors, cutting forms, and different tones has increased the architectural values of the roofs. 

Wide Range of Models and Colors

Its wide range of models and colors help you build the roof that you have always dreamed of. You can freely create the roof that you imagined with any color and model, without being limited between the scarce model and color alternatives. 

Raw Material

BTM Shingle is manufactured with a strong fiberglass base and a robust “Oxidized Bitumen” body which proved its quality compared to other shingle products. BTM Shingle provides the highest quality products thanks to its Oxide Bitumen production technology.


As it is so light, it decreases the cost of the supporting framework. It saves time and workforce, because the roofing area it can cover with the unit material is larger.

Easy Application

It is quite easy to figure out and install the details such as the roof ridge, valley details, and chimney flashing. It makes the work easier and saves time. 

Long Life

With the true application, a shingle covered roof function effectively as long as the building stands. It ensures you to have a trouble-free roof for many years. 

Earthquake Safety

Thanks to its lightness, the weight that the building carries lowers and the earthquake safety increases. The weight that buildings are exposed to during earthquakes increases in direct proportion to the weight of the building. Thus, the lightweight construction materials such as Shingles are widely preferred against the earthquake risk.   

Application Areas

Shingles can be installed on each roof type and carrier system.

According to the Roof Types: Hipped Roofs, Gable Roofs, Lean-to Roofs, Shed Roofs, Pavilion Roofs, Pyramid Hip Roofs, Conical Roofs, Domes, Vaulted Roofs

According to the Roof Carrier System: Wooden roofs, Steel roofs, Inclined concrete roofs

Important Note: The minimum roof incline advised for the application of Shingle sheets is 20%. 

Double Fold Laminated

The Laminated Shingle, which was firstly and only produced by BTM in Turkey, is a product with superior characteristics. With its double-folded structure and solid carrier, it protects your roof and you for long years. It is composed of two overlapping layers designed to recreate the effect of depth seen in the typical traditional roofs with a contemporary interpretation. 

Self Adhesive Models

Self-Adhesive Shingle Models enables both easy application and extra application safety, because it is stabilized by nailing and adhering. 

Anatomic structure of quality

  • 1. Protective sand layer
  • 2. Plastic film protecting the self-adhesive part
  • 3. Superior performance oxidized Bitumen
  • 4. High quality fiber glass reinforcement
  • 5. Natural color granulated surface protecting against external effects

Right Solutions for Every Roof Type











BTM Shingle Yaprak Gray
BTM Shingle Dragon Fume
BTM Shingle Rustik Grey
BTM Shingle Yaprak Green
BTM Shingle Lamine Sand Grey
BTM Shingle Lamine Green
BTM Shingle Dragon Copper-Coffee
BTM Shingle Lamine Fume
BTM Shingle Galaxy Classic Red
BTM Shingle Yonca Green
BTM Shingle Yakut Gray
BTM Shingle Rustik Red
BTM Cool Shingle Plus
BTM Shingle Dragon Green

Tens of Alternatives

Do not be obliged to choose from limited color and model alternatives!
The wide range of model and color alternatives of BTM Shingle enables you to create your dream roof by using whichever color and model you wish…

Discover Models and Colors


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